Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are they just the cutest......

 Thought I'd pop in real quick today to show you some critters I have been working on for Valentine gifts. I was out shopping at Walmart last night and spottest these puppet kits in the Valentine isle and couldn't resist. I know they're a bit kiddish but I couldn't help myself and they were only $2.47 for the entire kit plus I had supplies left over that I am going to make cards out of to coordinate with the gift.  

Assembly was a cinch and I just made one modification. I wanted them to appear as though they had a head but I also wanted them to be bags instead of puppets. So.... I cut off the bottom portion of a brown lunch sack that I had in my stash and adhered it to the front of the bag. It worked like a dream. Here's a closer look.

Well here's the line up. Aren't they just the cutest things!

 On a funny note if you read my post yesterday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because I am having camera issues. My camera is quite old and the picture quality is a bit unpredictable. When I was talking with my son last night he said Mom you have an iphone for Pete's sake why don't you take picture with that. So today's post pictures courtesy of my iphone...not too bad *wink* What do you use to take your blog photos?

Happy Sunday my friends!

P.S. Stay tuned as I am started my on line Clean & Simple Card Class 2 tomorrow and will fill you in on all the deets :)


  1. Hi Laurie,

    I think I spend more time taking photos than making the card sometimes! I use my iphone since my hubby said it is better than my camera. I get so frustrated sometimes with the lighting when taking my photos...I need to take a class or figure out how to do it!!! Maybe a lit box or something? Rest assured, your photos look lovely;)

  2. These little kits are adorable. I think I need to pick one up. I mentor a 1st grade girl and these would be perfect for us to do together.


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