Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Buddies.....

Hi Everyone! I just have a quick story to tell today about one of my Miniature Schnauzers "Buddy"(pictured on the right). After a 2 days of flu like symptoms and a long sleepless night last night my little guy had yet another surgery today for a bowel obstruction. Yes, this is surgery #2 for him this year, and yes, you are probably thinking that we are crazy. We are. Crazy in love with this dog, both of them for that matter. 

It all started last December with flu like symptoms and many tests later to find that our little guy had an acorn lodged in his small intestine. Do you believe it? An acorn of all things. So, we did what any responsible pet owner would do and proceeded to chop down our big beautiful oak tree in the back yard in an effort to save Buddy from any further acorn escapades. We thought that our troubles were over, but then a few days ago he started exhibiting the same symptoms again. We wasted no time getting him to the emergency clinic this morning and after one ultrasound test they reported that he had swallowed a foreign body. So, we were faced with the decision to have him undergo yet another surgery.

And yes, because we are crazy about this dog, he had surgery this afternoon. I just got a call from the animal hospital that he made it through the surgery and is in ICU. Are you wondering what the foreign body was??????? I haven't talked with the surgeon yet so you will have to come back tomorrow for the all the details.

 A special thanks to my blog friend Paulina for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. :)

Have a blessed night,

Laurie :)


  1. Poor guy! And poor you!! You must be a wreck! Hoping all turns out fine and really hoping he didn't swallow a stamp since you chopped down the tree for the acorn incident :) (attempt at humor!) :D

  2. OH MY! I'm so sorry! I don't think you guys are crazy, I would be doing the same thing. I'm a total pet lover too! Best of luck!! Hope he heals up soon!

  3. They are both beautiful doggies. Poor little guy... going to have to put a muzzle on him. Interested to see what he swallowed this time. I'm also praying for your little pup.

  4. They're gorgeous! I hope Buddy is ok! He's totally in my prayers! I'm curious what the foreign body is too!


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